Tower Hamlets Mission is a Christian Charity, committed to working with people suffering from alcohol and / or drug dependency, who are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and are receiving state benefits. Our aim is to enable them to break the cycle of chronic addiction definitively and to rebuild purposeful, stable lives through the provision of high quality, comprehensive residential therapy and rehabilitation.

Tower Hamlets Mission carries out its aims and objectives through three projects:

CHARIS PRIMARY PROGRAMME: The Primary Programme of recovery and rehabilitation lasts six months with intensive group work and one to one work.

CHARIS SECOND STAGE: This is a continuation of the work done in the Primary Programme. Residents no longer receive group therapy. They learn to shop and cook for themselves and take on more responsibility and independence. At the same time they continue with their therapy and rehabilitation on an individual basis.

CHARIS TERRACE: This project consists of 12 rehabilitation flats for those who have completed the Charis Primary & Secondary Programme. Residents live independently within the security of the grounds and undertake education / voluntary work whilst preparing for their eventual move back into the community. Their therapy also continues during this stage.

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The Terrace


Registered Charity Number 1154842    (C) Dec 2013